hsduosSTILLS.jpgSo, it was a big back-to-school weekend for new movies debuting in theaters and on TV... back to high-school, to be specific. The hilarious "Superbad" (pictured, left) was the top film in theaters, making some $31 million in its debut, while the syrupy and surprisingly compelling "High School Musical 2" (pictured, right) was seen by probably four times more people in its Friday night Disney Channel debut. The NY Times reports that the tweener title, directed by Kenny Ortega, drew some 17 million viewers making it not only the most watched program in cable history, but the top TV program on any channel this week. Dave Poland summed up "Superbad" well in a recent blog post. I saw the movie last night and liked it a lot, even if i cringed at some of its painfully realistic moments. "Superbad" is as funny, but smarter than "American Pie" and even more resonant with an older crowd, while the Pie movies seemed aimed at current teens. As for HSM2, I am flabbergasted by its popularity and find the two films minorly entertaining. Even more striking production values and choreography in HSM2 result in surprisingly spectacular musical sequences and a fresh-faced, multi-culti, "let's put on a show" spirit that evokes Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in a Busby Berkeley movie. "Babes on Broadway," anyone? Of particular note is the thinly veiled subtext that Basil Tsiokos considers in a recent blog post.