lavieenroseSM.jpgDay 4 in Berlin...The Fest started the other night, so a bit to catch up on. People are buzzing about French actress Marion Cotillard, star of the opening night film ("La Vie En Rose"). She was certainly the highlight of the film, which has received a number of positive reviews, along with considerable talk about it being a bit too long. I'd say that director Olivier Dahan tries to tackle too much in this portrait of Edith Piaf, if he were to reign it in a bit, he could have a truly exceptional film about the life of the famous French singer. As it is, the film, while somewhat unfocused, still features a truly exceptional performance by Cotillard. So, I'd recommend it on that basis alone, all the while hoping that the version we ultimately see in the States is tightened up a bit. More on the film and Cotillard in a recent indieWIRE dispatch.