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by eug
June 27, 2007 1:35 AM
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Does that name -- Darby Crash -- mean anything to you? If you are from L.A., it probably does. Frontman for The Germs, which he formed with Pat Smear, Crash was a SoCal punk innovator. Shane West, signing an autograph after an LA Film Fest screening of "What We Do Is Secret, shines as Crash in the film, but his and Bijou Phillips' performances are much better than the film itself. But, worth catching is the Pat Smear produced soundtrack...
[photo by eugene hernandez]

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1 Comment

  • Sujewa | June 27, 2007 2:48 AMReply

    I didn't even know anyone had made a movie about Darby Crash. Perhaps something to add to my "check it out" list.

    - Sujewa