in telluride | a chat with steven shainberg

by eug
September 3, 2006 6:32 AM
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Here in Telluride, I sat down with "Fur" director Steven Shainberg, who explained why he decided to make the movie as an "imaginary portrait" of the legendary photographer, Diane Arbus...

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  • Greg | September 4, 2006 4:53 AMReply

    I know Alice, I saw the same thing. I've seen a few very positve reviews of it and Anne Thompson said that it played very well. So I'm kinda confused.

    Thanks for the video! I LOVED Shainberg's point of view on biopics, I have been waiting for a film like this that shakes the genre up. Glad that Nicole, Robert, Shainberg, and everyone else involved were not afraid to do something bold and different. Can't wait to check this out.

  • Alice | September 3, 2006 7:59 AMReply

    Thanks for the video, looking forward to your review. According to cinematical, the movie is getting mixed notices from people he/she spoke to but I've read only notices and they are all good.