For once, everyone agrees. The MPAA is useless.

In the wake of the recent overturning of the 'NC-17' rating for "Blue Valentine," a 'family values' group is railing against the MPAA. The film received an unwarranted 'NC-17' and Harvey Weinstein went after the group, securing a lower rating.

Well, the Parents Television Council is pissed. They said in a statement yesterday, "the entire integrity and legitimacy of the MPAA ratings system has been compromised. There is no transparency; there is no consistency; and there is no accountability."

This morning, on "Morning Joe," Harvey Weinstein (along with attorney David Boies), touted their success in getting the rating changed. In the live TV interview he carefully explained that a perfectly portrayed oral sex scene got the film the restrictive rating. The film was penalized for acting that was too good, he quipped this morning.