super tuesday | change

By eug | eugonline February 5, 2008 at 11:37AM

super tuesday | change

Reporting exit poll data moments ago, ABC NEWS lead with the news that "change" was the most important attribute in a candidate for President among Democrats nationwide as they left the polls today in 24 states: Change 52%, Experience 23%, Empathy 13% (on the Republican side: Shared Values 44%, Experience 25%, Straight Talk 22%). At the same time, Drudge Report is blaring the headline now: "Obama Large in Some Exit Polls," with no further details. Added, story on the subject.

And as we all know, exit polls have proven misleading in previous elections.

UPDATE at 6:52 p.m. ET: Drudge is reporting the following exit poll data and warning, "Exit numbers early and do not represent actual votes":

OBAMA: Alabama: Obama 60, Clinton 37... Arizona: Obama 51, Clinton 45... Connecticut: Obama 53, Clinton 45... Delaware: Obama 56, Clinton 42... Georgia: Obama 75, Clinton 26... Illinois: Obama 70, Clinton 30... Massachusetts: Obama 50, Clinton 48... Missouri: Obama 50, Clinton 46... New Jersey: Obama 53, Clinton 47...

CLINTON: Arkansas: Clinton 72, Obama 26... California: Clinton 50, Obama 47... New York: Clinton 56, Obama 43... Oklahoma: Clinton 61, Obama 31... Tennessee: Clinton 52, Obama 41...

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