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Diddy-archy in the UK

by gabe
September 12, 2006 5:24 AM
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In England, Sean Combs will no longer be allowed to go by the monicker Diddy.

Seems someone else, beat him to it.

It's hard out here for a P.I.M.P.

Now what will Diddy, née P. Diddy, née Puff Daddy, née Sean John, née Puffy, née Sean Combs call himself?

SOOOOO unfair!?! I mean, really don't the courts realize how hard it will be for fans to adapt to a new name?

Hellz yeah I want some Biggie Fries! Shoot! And a Biggie Frosty

Alls I know is this type of nonsense never transpired when Notorious B.I.G, née Big Pappa, née Biggie Smalls, née Christopher George Latore Wallace was still cold kickin' it.

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