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Doc Fest Logos

by gabe
October 21, 2008 5:28 AM
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I recently got an email from the folks at Full Frame, and it seems they've updated their logo.


Full Frame logo

I find the revision odd choice, considering the look of Hot Docs (which also features a dialog bubble) in the "o".

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1 Comment

  • full frame | October 21, 2008 6:58 AMReply

    that's because Full Frame has become the dominant liberal film festival that hands out 50 million awards to the most liberal film that sends messages, lectures, and attempts to teach an audience a lesson that the committee agrees with or finds important (in other words, their selection of films simply reinforce their narrow minded arrogancy and beliefs). They unknowingly pretend to be the enlightened and educated culture of people who disseminate visual knowledge onto the unenlightened masses who "need to know or see the films." A bunch of righteous academics who get in the way of complicated and honest storytelling. Full Frame doesn't have one storytelling bone in their festival body - just messages and righteous activism as they see it. Maybe they'll crumble with McCain. They do nothing to advance documentary storytelling and everything to advance a culture of film that sends messages and selects journalistic and contrived docs told from the point of view of the filmmaker as a thesis, opinion, or information driven film. Pure shit, as Zizek would say, sold as perfume for, to and by the clean film snobs.