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Downfall Redux

By gabe | Gabe's Declaration of Principles February 5, 2008 at 10:51AM

Downfall Redux

We've spotted an interesting trend on YouTube: re-purposing Hitler's explosive meltdown sequence from the film DOWNFALL by adding new subtitles--a post modern twist on Woody Allen's WHAT'S UP, TIGER LILY? and Rene Vienet's situationist masterpiece PEUT-ETRE LA DIALECTIQUE CASSEZ DES BRIQUES?.

The Downfall of the Patriots Dynasty #1

(This clip has the benefit of drawing attention to the hubris of the Patriots and the Boston Globe which made the book 19-0 available for pre-sale on Amazon. If you click now, you get this. I wonder if folks who pre-ordered will be treated to the Giants Superbowl book?

And now from the POV of a disgruntled Pats fan:

Hitler's Reaction To Superbowl XLII

The Downfall of the Cowboys

The Downfall of HD DVD

The Downfall of Myspace

Downfall--Hitler's XBox account suspended

The Downfall of Dream Theatre in Perth (this is a little too inside...)