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How to sell a Hoodie

By gabe | Gabe's Declaration of Principles June 21, 2007 at 10:01AM

How to sell a Hoodie

Girlz n the hoodie

Step one: Find drunk celeb to pass out wearing your gear...

From the NY Times: Red Carpet or Rehab, It All Sells

"After photographs appeared on tabloid covers across the country, American Apparel employees concluded that Ms. Lohan was wearing one of the company’s designs. And while this is not the sort of product placement many fashion companies would consider positive, American Apparel, which markets its casual sportswear with self-consciously randy imagery, operates antithetically to industry norms. Ms. Lohan’s picture was posted on a company blog, at, and at least one store in Manhattan pasted the Daily News front page near a display of the $40 “flex fleece” sweatshirts, causing a run.

“We don’t do celebrity branding,” said Mathew Swenson, a spokesman for American Apparel, noting that Ms. Lohan had to have purchased the sweatshirt on her own. “We don’t gift to editors or to celebrities.”