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M. Night Syamalan: you're no Hitchcock

By gabe | Gabe's Declaration of Principles June 4, 2008 at 9:39AM

M. Night Syamalan: you're no Hitchcock

Back in the day, genius director Alfred Hitchcock, with charisma and talent to burn, used to host his own cheeky trailers.

Even if you've already seen it, it is worth revisiting the Bates Motel to "check out" his brilliant Psycho introduction:

In (what appears to be) an effort to showcase his own genius, delusional egomaniac Night decided to host his own trailer.

The results showcase his lack of charisma, and make The Happening look LaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaME:

Prediction: When The Happening opens, movie theatres will resemble post-rapture scenes of abandoned streets in The Happening.