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Snoop from the Wire in the ATL

By gabe | Gabe's Declaration of Principles February 29, 2008 at 5:20AM

Snoop from the Wire in the ATL

On tour with her new book, "Grace After Midnight," the Wire's Felicia Snoop Pearson made an appearance this week at the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta (home of the Atlanta Film Festival Screenwriter's retreat).

I was name-checked in Felicia Feaster's Creative Loafing blog

"IMAGE’s executive director Gabe Wardell was also in the house. He sat next to me and was clearly beside himself with excitement, being a huge “Wire” fan."


Snoop "don't know nutin' bout birthin' no babies," but she can fashion a dildo out of an ace bandage

And...yes, her hair looked good, girl.