NYT Profiles Oscar Nominated Band of Aussie Rebels

by Nigel M Smith
February 18, 2010 10:17 AM
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In The New York Times, Michael Cieply profiled the Australian moviemaking collective, Blue-Tongue. The group is in the spotlight following their Best Live-Action Short Academy Award nomination for Luke Doolan's "Miracle Fish."

Blue-Tongue, compiled of film school rejects, was founded by stunt-man Nash Edgerton ("The Matrix," Moulin Rouge!") and his younger brother, actor Joel Edgerton ("Smokin' Aces"). Their first film was the nine-minute action film "Loaded."

Not to be mistaken for a company, Blue-Tongue is a movement, albeit with a trademarked name. As Cieply describes: "Rather it is an agglomeration of filmmakers who helped one another into the business and have simply stuck together in jobs that vary from film to film. That includes the stunt work."

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