New Poster for Lars Von Trier's Outrageous "Anti-Christ"

By jamesisrael | JUMP CUTS by James Israel May 18, 2009 at 8:37AM

New Poster for Lars Von Trier's Outrageous "Anti-Christ"

Quite a poster... I can't wait to see this film.. iW's Anthony Kaufman reports from Cannes:

With “Antichrist,” Lars Von Trier fully lives up to his reputation as an outrageous provocateur and master image-maker. Love it or hate it, boo it or applaud it-as audiences did both simultaneously after the world premiere here in Cannes-the film is the most shocking of the festival so far, with critics and journalists buzzing around the Palais post-screening in a newly energized frenzy.

(Thanks for the poster post, Dread Central.)

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