5 thoughts on the Olympics this weekend

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog August 18, 2008 at 11:07AM

5 thoughts on the Olympics this weekend

Five thoughts on the Olympics this weekend:

1) Gymnastics - Does anyone else notice how Shawn Johnson has that weird prance whenever she walks around the arena? It's starting to make me think that part of her persona is a little too rehearsed - like she smiles every time she notices as camera is around.

2) Badminton - Shame on you if you missed the upset in mixed doubles when unseeded Korea beat #1 seed Indonesia. A great Olympic moment.

3) Swimming - Did NBC really decide that there was not 1 event out of 320 more important than a primetime Michael Phelps retrospective detailing things that happened YESTERDAY!? The only thing more annoying is the number of times the NBC correspondents ask Olympic swimmers about Phelps rather than their own races. Maybe it has to do with that Phelps video NBC hocking on their website...

4) Track & Field - Legat needed to run a smarter 1500. How he got boxed in twice is unbelievable.

5) Track & Field - Anyone else notice that the NBC announcers seem to talk more about female runners' husbands/fiances way more often than they talk about male runners' wives/fiances...