"a BEAUTIFUL LOSER: Ed Templeton"

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog March 24, 2008 at 3:50AM

"a BEAUTIFUL LOSER: Ed Templeton"

With the world premiere of BEAUTIFUL LOSERS (www.beautifullosers.com) at SXSW, I'm running a continuous series on the artists in the film. Today is an interview from Fecal Face with Ed Templeton.

This last September while I was visiting San Fransico from my home here in Seattle, I stumbled upon a large (ll"X17") magazine sponsored by the folks over at RVCA. It was called ANP Magazine and on the cover of the first issue was a photo of Margaret Kilgallen playing the banjo. I grabbed it and stuffed it into my dufflebag, where it waited until I was done with my vacation and on my way back home. A few weeks later some friends of mine opened up for a tall motavational speaker who goes by the stage name BARR. His real name is Brendan Fowler, and he ended up giving me issue number 2. He explained to me a little more about the magazine, and I soon found out that he, Aaron Rose, and Ed Templeton all were responsible for putting out the quarterly. After only 3 issues, the quarterly magazine seems to be making a strong impression. For starters, it's FREE, without advertising, and distributed around the world through galleries, bookstores, clothing, skating, and record shops. Almost anyone can get their hands on it. Over the next short while, I will be posting short interviews with the ANP Team. First off, Ed Templeton. Proffesional skateboarder, world traveler, unique artist, and an ANP endomorph. Ed, can you gimme all your details? Full name, age, body type, zodiac sign, Social Security Number? Edward A. Templeton, 33, Ectomorph becoming Endomorph, Non-Beleiver, 557-93-1935. I understand you just got back from Europe. What were you doing over there? I went over to set up an exhibition at the ARCO art fair in Madrid, Spain. Then I went to Milan, Italy to set up my room in the Beautiful Losers show, that is starting it’s European tour there. Then I went to Paris and London for a few days to just relax. ed-t-pic-paint02.jpg I want to know about ANP magazine? How did you get involved? What is it? Pat Tenore, the owner of RVCA wanted to make a magazine. He came to me and asked me who could do this. He was already thinking about asking Aaron Rose. That is who I thought of too. And Brendan Fowler. So we all went in and met with Pat about it. Next thing you know we were making a magazine. I am sort of the overseer of it, and someone to bounce ideas off of. Aaron and Brendan do the bulk of the stuff. Main Article

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