"a BEAUTIFUL LOSER: Geoff McFetridge"

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog March 7, 2008 at 8:06AM

"a BEAUTIFUL LOSER: Geoff McFetridge"

With the world premiere of BEAUTIFUL LOSERS (www.beautifullosers.com) at SXSW, I'm running a continuous series on the artists in the film. Today is an article from The New York Times about Geoff McFetridge.

DESIGN NOTEBOOK; Graphic Artists Cross a Line: We're Not Just Hired Pens By CHRISTOPHER HAWTHORNE Published: April 24, 2003 ON a hot, airless afternoon earlier this month, Geoff McFetridge, a graphic designer, showed up for a quick session at a skateboarding park a few miles north of the house he shares with his girlfriend in the Los Feliz neighborhood here. A slightly built 32-year-old with a mustache and a dusting of freckles, Mr. McFetridge climbed out of a Land Rover carrying a battered skateboard and wearing a dark blue ''Hang Loose Hawaii'' T-shirt. Rounding out his 1980's throwback attire were a chunky black Casio watch and a pair of red Vans sneakers faded almost to pink. Just as he was about to tip his board into the concrete bowl, the park attendant yelled out, ''Elbow pads!'' Mr. McFetridge, slipping on the pads, just shrugged: he wasn't about to try anything that would cause a fracture. ''It's not like when I was a kid, and I was desperately trying to learn some crazy new trick all the time,'' he said... Main Article

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