Back in Black

by jaredmoshe
February 17, 2009 4:29 AM
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After a month hiatus as team indieWIRE transferred my blog to their new sight, everything is back up and running. This is my first post during the Obama presidency, and despite the many things I've wanted to write about that (Stimulus, Geithner, Norm Coleman's gambit, Eric "Winston Churchill" Cantor, the Purple Tunnel of Doom), I've promised myself that in rebirth this blog will try to at least touch on film once a day. So Geoffrey Gilmore is going to Tribeca. I think this is a good thing. Despite the evolving independent film model (read about it here), many filmmakers still find themselves caught up in the dream of the big sale. And dreams are great. As long as they don't hamstring you. If you get a big sale, great. If not you have to market your film. This is where Tribeca comes in. The festival is an event (anyone who live in NYC knows it's an event) that since its inception has managed to offer an unprecedentedly great marketing and publicity opportunity for indie filmmakers. The the thing that often held up filmmakers from taking advantage of this opportunity was the dream of the Sundance sale. Under Gilmore's guidance, Tribeca I think will be able to seize on their unique potential and become an organization that not only brings independent film to tastemakers, but to the people.

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  • Laurel | February 20, 2009 7:36 AMReply

    Whoa whoa whoa. You're going to write about *film* on your blog? Now that's crazy talk, Jared.