Bob Barr in '08

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog October 27, 2008 at 3:47AM

Bob Barr in '08

When I happen to get in political discussions with people voting Republican, the first question I ask is "Why?" And I don't mean "Why" in the antagonistic sense of "why would you be so stupid?" I am generally confused as to why any self professed conservative would vote Republican in 2008. The modern Republican establishment is about as far from the basic tenants of conservatism. In the past 8 years the size of the national government has ballooned and with it the national debt and government influence in lives of it's citizens have increased, and McCain-Palin rallies in their rants against socialism have taken on a very national-socialist tenor. A small but growing number of conservative thinkers are supporting Obama suggesting a possible schism developing in the Republican party. For the remainder of conservatives still planning to vote Republican, I follow up my "Why" with a "Why not?"

"Why not vote for Bob Barr running for the Libertarian Party?"
"Why not vote for Chuck Baldwin running for the Constitution party? (who was also recently endorsed by Ron Paul)"

The Republican party has deserted conservatives. Isn't it time conservatives deserted the party?

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