Dinallo for Attorney General

by jaredmoshe
September 13, 2010 7:51 AM
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Tuesday, September 14 is primary day in NY, and like always there are some important Democratic races. Many are limited to districts: Will the ethically compromised Charlie Rangel keep manage to hold on to his seat? Can Carolyn Maloney fight off a strong primary challenge from Reshma Saujani? The most important race is not. The Attorney General of New York is arguably the most important state Attorney General in the nation. Too much about politics is about the money and the horse race when it should be about results. Of the five people vying for the nomination Eric Dinallo is the candidate who can get those results. A varied career accentuated by strong experience working in the Attorney General's office cracking down on financial sector malfeasance and makes Dinallo the voter's best choice for Attorney General.