FCC Crackdown?

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog August 30, 2005 at 11:17AM

FCC Crackdown?

Salon has a piece today on a brewing FCC crackdown on indecency. Members can read it here. For those who can't the key 'graph is:

"Though Martin lost the battle over horse extraction, he is now poised to win the broader indecency war. During the long hot summer in Washington, he has been quietly meeting with religious activists and industry leaders to organize a push for new standards for broadcast, cable and satellite television. At the same time, Martin's allies in the Senate have been considering new laws that could increase broadcast indecency fines, break up cable TV offerings to allow parents to cut off racy channels, and -- most controversially -- give the FCC the power to fine basic cable programs, like MTV's "Real World" and Comedy Central's "Daily Show," for crude and lewd content."

The religious activists and industry leaders consisted of, according to Salon, groups such as the Parents Television Council, the Family Research Council , and Citizens for Community Values. These are the same groups that got Saving Private Ryan pulled off the air in certain areas during last memorial day, got CBS to drop The Reagans, etc.

The thing is - for as much power as these groups hold, they aren't all that big. A few people spend a lot of time sending out a hell of a lot of emails. So if you care at all (I do - I