Foreign Love

by jaredmoshe
October 15, 2010 5:23 AM
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On Wednesday the Academy released its final list of submissions for the foreign language oscar. You can see the full list at indieWIRE. And like every year I had foreign language flashbacks. You see back in my sales agent days, I had a love hate relationship with the list. It was my job to track down and see pretty much every un-represented film on the list. Finding contact emails and phone numbers for unknown people in countries such as Latvia or Ethiopia, as you can imagine, is not an easy or fun task. Many didn't work, and those that did often resulted in an annoyed, angry and aghast email from a foreign sales agent exclaiming that yes, the film did have representation and how dare I not know of their company. This was the hate part. The love part kicked in a few weeks later when slowly all these wonderfully random films started trickling in from around the world. Even though very, very few had a chance of US distribution (hence likely passes from a business perspective) each offered a crazy, weird look at culture that I would never have gotten a chance to see. Whether it was marveling over a personal story of a cow in a former Eastern Bloc country or learning about Indian Mythology from an over long epic, each film offered a unique look at what a country deemed good, important or even a smart political decision. Though I still don't understand how some of those comedies would ever be considered funny.