Kurt Cobain About a Son NY Party Photos (better late than never)

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog October 30, 2007 at 11:49AM

Kurt Cobain About a Son NY Party Photos (better late than never)

On October 3rd, Sidetrack and Diesel threw the premiere for Kurt Cobain About a Son at The Anchor on Spring Street. With the film's NY run coming to an end this week, I felt it might be time to post some photo hilights. All photos by Jennifer Thomas.

The men behind the magic: director AJ Schnack and co-producer Michael Azerrad

indieWIRE's own Eugene Hernandez and Jonny Leahan were two early advocates of the film (and early arrivals at the party)

Jen and Leo Vladimirsky mingle with former Sidetracker Ben Taylor.

Submarine's Josh Braun who repped the film domestically with Arthouse Film's David Koh.

Doug Matejka from Sidetrack Films shares a drink with Orphansdirector Ry Russo-Young after he had to race back to the office because of a possible break in.

Rage Mountain DJ'd the party (here being visited by the lovely cocktail waitress). Mens.Style.com was quoted as saying, "The DJ's are straight Chillin'!"

Picturehouse's only Liz Brambilla and MaryAnn Hult kick off the dance party.

Poull Brien (who helped organize the party) and I try out the Fender before we give it away.

And here's the guitar with its actual winner - indieWIRE's Jimmy Israel! Word on the street is those Isreal brothers have a knack for winning free guitars.

Filmmaker Michael Tully wanted the guitar. Badly.

Reason Pictures' Bristol Baughan and Ben Goldhirsch flank Oscar Nominated Director Marshal Curry, who is working with them on his newest documentary.

Sylvain Tron and Ryan Kampe of Visit Films. You'll be able to find me hiding in their office at AFM.

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