Likely Story takes an interest in Top Shelf

by jaredmoshe
January 14, 2010 10:40 AM
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When I see comic book news in Variety or Screen, I tend to roll my eyes. There was a while there where every day it seemed like a celebrity was "launching" a comic book line that in reality would never see the light of day. Or some 27th tier property was being optioned by company desperately to get into the graphic-novel-to-movie biz. What can I say, I'm jaded. But when I saw this morning that Likely Story purchased a 33% stake in Top Shelf, I'm gonna admit I got a little giddy. Not only is it a merging of a great producer with great comics, it's also a really smart way to bridge the comic book/film world that is mutually beneficial to the creators, the stories, and the economics. I'm looking forward to what happens with Too Cool to Be Forgotten and what comes after

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