LOST: How the last 5 minutes of the last season blew it for me

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog May 24, 2010 at 7:46AM

LOST: How the last 5 minutes of the last season blew it for me


I was really enjoying the LOST finale. The flashes when characters connected were great rewards for long time viewers. The new #1 and his new #2. Kate's response to learning the name "Christian Sheppard." Lots of familiar faces popping up. Locke vs. Jack in a fight to the finish. Juliet and Sawyer finally reunited. The return of Chesty McGee. Then the aforementioned Christian Sheppard appeared "alive" in the sideways world, talked to Jack and the whole thing nosedived worse than Oceanic 817. Full disclosure: I have been a huge supporter of Season 6, I was not confused by anything, I liked Jack's death, I was not expecting answers to every single thing, or pretty much anything but what the show's creators promised they would answer. What the sideways world was. Turns out it's purgatory. And somehow in trying to make sure to assure readers that everything on the island actually mattered, the creators decided to make everything that happens in the sideways world not matter one bit. So what was perhaps the most interesting question/story of the final season was rendered effectively moot. Jack's son who he worked so hard to re-unite with? Well he doesn't exist. Nor does Locke's fiance. Nor does anyone else not part of the selected group of passengers (plus Desmond and Penny but not Miles and Faraday for some reason). Basically half of the final season was utterly pointless. Well, not utterly pointless...

Let's talk about Ben. Hurley's invitation to make Ben his #2 was perhaps the most fitting conclusion for anyone on the show. Ben got what he always wanted but never had (even what he thought he did). It was a great moment. And then it got better. Ben didn't go into the church. He decided to pursue his "purgatory life" with Alex and Danielle. It was as if all the growth Ben had undergone this season took him beyond that of the others. He understood that this sideways world was worth something, even if he remembered his "living life" before it. Well everyone else was wasting our time in sideways-ville, growing and changing, only to have all that growth and change wiped out in a single instant, Ben's journey actually mattered. I never thought I'd say this but:

Thank god for Dr. Benjamin Linus.

(Any chance I can pretend the last 5 minutes of the show didn't happen and the sideways world was created by Hurley and Ben as supernatural guardians of the Island where everyone could be together again and live out their lives with both what they gained from being "lost" while having the advantage of not being trapped on the island?)