LOW AND BEHOLD at UCLA tonight!!!!

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog May 29, 2007 at 8:11AM

LOW AND BEHOLD at UCLA tonight!!!!

WHAT: A special screening of Low and Behold followed by a Q & A with co-writer/director Zach Godshall and co-writer/producer/star Barlow Jacobs! Producer Brad Silberling moderates!

WHERE: UCLA, James Bridges Theater in Melnitz Hall!

WHEN: Tonight at 7:30 PM!

WHY: Filmed on location in New Orleans nine months after hurricane Katrina, Low and Behold was conceived by Zack Godshall (co-writer/director) a Lafayette, LA native, and New Orleans resident Barlow Jacobs (co-writer/producer/lead actor) as a celebration for the city and a requiem for the countless losses it endured. Jacobs found inspiration to write and later act in the film from his own life experience. After losing his New Orleans home to the disaster in August 2005, a broke Jacobs took a short-term job as an insurance claims adjuster. Immersed in the culture of the post-hurricane Coastal South he began work on the screenplay for Low and Behold, the production of which he would then finance with the money he earned as a claims adjuster.

The filmmakers assembled a cast and crew almost entirely made up of Louisiana natives, even filming non-actors in their actual storm damaged homes. “We knew that having a team that had felt the full impact of Katrina would help bring the story to life in the most authentic way possible,” says Jacobs. To all involved the film became more than a passion project; it became an outlet for relief and redemption.

“Being residents of Louisiana, Barlow and I wanted to do something that would openly address the situation for those who live in New Orleans and the surrounding areas,” says Godshall. “We worked intensely in what was left of Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes, and found that the actual environment offered more than we as writers could have ever dreamed. Our film is a comedy and a celebration, but also an elegy and a lament for all the losses that cannot be counted and the suffering that will not cease but can only be soothed. Even still, there is a spirit in this place that will not die, and I hope we’ve captured that in Low and Behold.”

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