My Foursquare Experiment

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog April 12, 2010 at 4:24AM

My Foursquare Experiment

I've been hearing about Foursquare for a while now, and I still can't quite figure out the point of it. For the uninitiated you can learn about Foursquare here.

In some instances, Foursquare is great. If you are, for example, having a pub crawl - creating a Foursquare account for that crawl and inviting your guests to follow it makes a lot of sense. But in general is announcing my whereabouts a way to brag about what I do or an invitation for people to come join me? Also, as a business plan it makes sense than a lot of other internet schemes. Companies offer incentives to people who go to their stores, bars, restaurant, etc thereby driving more people to those places. It's the internet equivalent of a Loyal Rewards Program like airline miles or those old supermarket promotions where you collect box tops in order to get a special prize. However, unlike those promotions Foursquare requires one to embrace the exhibitionist trends of today. If I decided to buy ten cans of spam in order to get a free can opener that was a private decision shared only with the cashier who rings me up. However if I want to be "The Mayor" of a place I have to share that I go there with at minimum my Foursquare followers all the way up to the entire facebook/twitterverse. So, really, in order to manage my image (and as much as you want to admit it or not - we all manage our images), why would I want to be the mayor of say a tanning salon or a doctor's office or that I spend every night home alone or anything that might be deemed embarrassing? Well, I say bully to that! For the next ten days I'm going to post on foursqure wherever I go, warts and all. Cause I figure if I'm going to use the newest fad that is deemed to be worth 100 million dollars, then I am going to go all in.

This is my four square experiment.

And like all experiments it a has a thesis. Foursquare will be useless to me. I'm going to see no change in my daily life by shouting out my Foursquare locations to my followers, and my followers aren't going to care where I am, whether The Gates or Duane Reade. Oh, so as not barrage my facebook friends with this, if you want to sign up to follow this (slightly dumb) idea. You can do find me here.

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