party right

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog April 20, 2005 at 9:28AM

party right

With the advent of Tribeca I worry that I will soon become a bleary eyed beast wandering between the office, the Regal Battery Park, Laguna Beach, the Hungarian Embassy, and the many, many parties across the city. It's a daunting task, balancing office obligations, festival obligations and parties with friends and weekly events not to mention all the folks pouring into the city.

My question is - is there a party coordinator who could easily map out which events/parties to go to, in what order and via the best possible route? The days are for work. The nights are for fun. Whereas there are multiple screenings of each film, there is only one party. It's not fair for people to be forced to choose between two events when they want to support both films and filmmakers, and it's most definitely not right for those throwing their party to learn that no one showed up because some other event conflicted and people can't be two places at once (and the solution that conundrum is not coming soon).

Yes, people like navigating "the scene" but every filmmaker should have the right to a successful party (also, affordable healthcare). This is their moment and they should be able to live it up without worry.