Playing Bond

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog November 17, 2006 at 7:08AM

Playing Bond

Geeking out with members of the Magnolia Pictures team (and friends), I went to the 12:01 AM screening of Casino Royale last night. I have to join the chorus of praise for Daniel Craig, who does a fantastic job as 007. Granted, I stopped seeing the Brosnan Bonds after Goldeneye (a movie I used to thank monthly for spawning such a legendary video game) because they just seemed like clichéd action movies with a tuxedo (Note: the new movie has fantastic action choreography). In retrospect, I think part of my utter dislike of those movies is Brosnan himself, the ultra-smooth, uber-Bond, who looks and acts like he could do anything so well, he almost comes off as a smug sociopath. Craig on the other hand has a demeanor so cragged, so thuggish (almost the younger brother of Marv from Sin City) and yet strangely charismatic that when he dons the tuxedo and grabs a martini, the brute underneath adds a necessary level of depth to make the character both super heroic yet relatable.

Enough psychobabble though. There are some hilariously bad moments (the shower scene) and try not to laugh to hard at the peanut gallery during the poker games... and yes, sadly Bond plays Texas Hold 'em.

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