Power that puppy

by jaredmoshe
May 20, 2009 11:36 AM
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Because all the Obama idolatry was not too much already we now get " 'Puppy Power: Bo Obama,' written by Paul J. Salamoff and drawn by Emmy Award winning Disney and Warner Brothers artist Keith Tucker. In his book, Bo gives children an insider’s look at the White House. Readers will discover who is the real “top dog” in Washington. There will also be two covers for the “Puppy Power: Bo Obama” comic by 'Female Force: Michelle Obama” artist Joshua Labello and Keith Tucker.' "

Look, make a children's comic book about Bo for educational purposes but dear god, does it need to be entitled PUPPY POWER!?

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  • ron | May 31, 2009 9:02 AMReply

    I've seen a lot of articles about strictly commercial "Bo Books" but very little about
    "How I became First Dog at 1600 Pooch'lvania Avenue". This Bo book is all about animal rights and rescue, civics and ecology for kids. Truly educational and
    inspirational for young readers!

    It's at www.1600pooch.com and on Amazon.

    5% of the proceeds from the pbook will be donated to the ASPCA and HSUS.