primary problems

by jaredmoshe
June 12, 2007 11:15 AM
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There has been an avalanche of political documentaries over the past 4 years, and I think I have seen most of them. A lot are partisan red meat, a lot more retread the same ideas from different angles, a few offer great insight into our system and it's players. One subject I haven't seen treated (and if it's out there tell me) is the failure of America's primary system. David Greenberg writes in Slate that, "the ascent of binding primaries has turned the pre-convention months into a dreary slog. After a flurry of excitement surrounding Iowa and New Hampshire, front-runners typically amass springtime victories like a college football team running up the score in the last quarter." This steamroll effect of the Iowa/New Hampshire 1-2 punch effectively nominated the "electable" John Kerry, who I never was a fan of. And left him vulnerable to attacks from the right for the months leading up to the convetion. Now it's contributing to the earliest starting race for president in US history as both sides gear up for the super accelerrated primary calendar, which will probably just make the problems of 2004 even worse.