Queen of the Night

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog April 22, 2005 at 4:05AM

Queen of the Night

Sometimes my job lands me in some of the most unique place. Example - As a result of my involvement with the Hungarian film KONTROLL, I ended up spending two hours last night as probably the youngest person at a black tie event at the Hungarian Embassy (Much nicer than the Spanish Embassy if you ask me).

The event was a concert by Erika Miklosa who (for those who don't know, a group i would consider myself part of until three weeks ago) stars in the new production of "The Magic Flute" at the met in the role of The Queen of the Night. Now I'm not an opera lover, I'm more of a newly-discovered semi-fan (thank you met titles!) who happens to know people (read parents) with season tickets, so I had the chance to see her perform on stage before seeing her at Embassy. In all honesty, I wasn't a huge fan of the new productions (too much spectacle, not enough heart) but dear god did Ms. Miklosa steal the show with a crowd grabbing performance and one hell of a voice.

I'm rambling. So I ended up hearing her in concert, and I was more than a little nervous. I mean this was over an hour of arias with no met titles. But damn was it fun (although I did find it slightly odd that concert consisted of both a liver performance and watching a DVD play on a large screen). All in all, the singing was wonderful, the food was mayo-and-butter-induced delight, the wine was flown in specially for the occasion, and for one night mustaches were back in fashion.