Speaking the Truth

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog April 2, 2010 at 6:27AM

Speaking the Truth

Michael Tully's responds to Brian Newman's post “Selling Your Film - When Is the Best Time?”:

Another thing that seems to be missing from all of these discussions is the hard truth that INDEPENDENT FILMS NEVER MADE ANY MONEY. This, to me, is the biggest delusion of the moment, and it’s why my instinct is to simply ignore so many of these panels and pow-wows. So much of the talking seems to be about how to not make a hearty profit, per se, but to at least persist and continue. Yet hasn’t this always been a freakish lottery? Hasn’t it always been a once-in-a-lifetime three-quarter court buzzer beater (sorry, it had to be done)? I’m not desperately clinging to the past, but if someone—ahem, Mr. Newman? are you reading this?—wants to pull together a symposium in which the aim is to respect the film festival’s role in this crazy equation and that understands the importance of a traditional, steady word-of-mouth campaign in ensuring a film’s longevity and success, well, then, I might actually sign up for that one.

Agreed. "Independent Film" has always been a freakish lottery OR subsidized through financial institutions - German tax shelters, British Sale Lease & Back, Hedge Funds toxic waste - that didn't need the film to make money for those institutions to make money. Now that the curtain has been drawn back and we need to look at the reality of the business (if it is a business). Read the full article here.

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