The 30 Rocking of Alec Baldwin

by jaredmoshe
March 2, 2009 8:01 AM
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I tried to watch an old VHS copy of The Hunt for Red October over the weekend. It all started great. Onscreen text telling me this is was a story my government didn't want me to here. Sean Connery speaking Russian (and English without a Russian Accent). Sam Neil was there and Tim Curry and Scott Glenn (later on the crazy South African villain from Lethal Weapon II even showed up as the Russian Ambassador. Then Alec Baldwin opened his mouth. And all I could hear was Jack Donaghy. I knew I was watching a Baldwin 20 years younger. I knew the words were supposed to be taken seriously - the world was on the brink of nuclear war for heaven's sake. But 30 Rock was just too strong. Every word, every pronouncement, was simply funny. It's a testament to what Baldwin has created out of the Donaghy character that his presence is so large it looms all the way to the 90's. Travolta in Saturday Night Fever exists outside of Travolta in Pulp Fiction. The Shatner of Star Trek can be watched without thinking of the Shatner of Priceline. It's a shame too. The movie holds up rather well. If only I could watch Baldwin pontificate on defection without thinking of him using the same language to praise the McFlurry.