The Best and Worst Blogs - according to Time Warner

by jaredmoshe
February 18, 2009 4:38 AM
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And no, this isn't shameless self promotion. I'm not on either list. I'd need readers to do that.

The best blogs are here.

The worst... I mean overrated here.

Sadly, of the blogs I follow sem-regularly 2 ended up on the overrated list. Happily, most of the others I follow ended up on the best list. A lot of them are political in nature, which I guess given the political fervor that seized '08 makes sense. The only film blog I saw on the list is /Film, a blog I've never read before but given their front page post on "The Enduring Legacy of Point Break" (a film which features prominently into my Keanu Reeves is an un-recognized genius theory) I'm going to have start paying more attention to.