The Best Prom Ever!

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog May 8, 2006 at 11:36AM

The Best Prom Ever!

In honor of its hometown premiere, the filmmakers of Prom Date (ie. me and director Poull Brien) put together what can plausibly be argued as the most overly elaborate event for a short film ever. We called it The Best Prom Ever!

A couple celebrates the special night on the Prom Date photo stage.

The announcement of the Prom King - Magnolia's own Ben Stambler!

BestPromEver 001.jpg
Notorius party crasher, celebrity chaperone and Prom Date applicant Shaggy steals a peek.

Winner of the best dressed prize is too drunk to wave at his fans without assistance.

Prom party 011.jpg
She missed the rain down in Africa.

Hippie's had proms too.

Prom party 040.jpg
What's a prom without balloons and streamers?

These ladies got caught in the Prom Date spirit.

Prom party 038.jpg
People rolled out in style trying to win the best dressed award.

Prom party 004.jpg
Unfortunately she didn't actually win Prom Queen.

Prom party 049.jpg
Yes, totally prom date indeed.

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