the origins of a blog

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog May 13, 2005 at 6:26AM

the origins of a blog

Because of a snafu Friday Guest Blogging will be on hold this week (yes, I know it is only the second week, but expect us to be back in full force next time). In its place I present:

The origins of a blog

Well actually this blog originated - I believe - over a delicious brunch and a
certain story which would not be suitable for a pg-13 audience, let alone a pg
audience (I don't know if I even have an audience, but I figure I ought to play it safe just in case). If you want to hear that story you have to email me with "want mine" in the subject line. In any case I present:

The origins of a blog's Name

Before this blog went live, the lovely people over at Indiewire gave it to me to fool around with (clean thoughts people). I needed to figure out how to post an entry, how to add a photo, how to format said photo, and how to find a photo worth formatting and adding. During that "training" period the name changed daily: at one point it was "sometimes standing" after an old quote I cited to often in college, another time it was "Jared's Self Indulgent Drivel" after a description of blogs by my former roommate (no, he is not former because I started this blog), and then one random day I was at a party at the Tribeca screening room. I don't which one. There have been so many. In a moment of booze-induced clarity I noticed the neon sign hanging behind the bar and yes, I was nearly standing under it. For some reason (hazard to make a guess as to why) at that tight moment, I thought that was profound. It captured the glitz of time square along and didn't forget the street meat and hat vendors; it was about going out in this city and what was behind it; it meant the bright lights of the movies and the audience in the darkened theater; it was the perfect name...... yeah. right. Drunken enlightenment at its best. Beer goggles for the intellect. I typed it into the blog as soon as I got home. Then i got busy. Really busy. No time to fool with the blog. I'd get back to it in two weeks. Unfortunately in that time it went live. More unfortunately I didn't know it was live for three more weeks after that. I learned about this fact in a conversation that went something like this:

Me: "My blog's not live."
Brian Brooks: "Your blog is live is Jared"
Me: "It can't be."
Brian Brooks: "It is."
Brian Brooks:"Jared?"
Me -thinking-: "Oh Frick" (pg remember!)

The rest is history (well not history, more like a strange anecdote told at a party
that's not really important to anyone there, but makes the teller feel sort of semi kind of maybe important in a not so consequential fashion).