The unbridled <S/>patriotism</S> whining of the NBC gymnastic announcers

by jaredmoshe
August 20, 2008 7:29 AM
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The NBC gets a lot of flak for their Olympic Coverage. Too bad that Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel completely deserve it. Patriotism is part of the Olympics I know. And every country has patriotic coverage (check out this piece about the Chinese broadcast). Whining, however, is not patriotic, and Dagget and Schlegel's whining about biased judges just demonstrated a complete and utter lack of knowledge of something every third grader learns: basic arithmetic. With this new scoring system that adds your difficulty level to your performance scores, Gymnasts with a higher start value have a cushion for smaller mistakes. It's math, not politics. Quit the whining and go back to school.

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  • Karina | August 20, 2008 10:16 AMReply

    Another issue is that any country with atheletes on the floor can't be represented by a judge. So all the judges are from, like, New Zealand and Finland and other countries where they have few world class gymnasts, and thus the judges have little experience judging programs of this level.

    Although, to be fair, the US female gymnasts did win 8 medals to China's 6, so the weird judging (totally agree on that the bars and beam comps were flawed) didn't hurt *that* badly.

  • Tom | August 20, 2008 7:21 AMReply

    No way. I agree that homerism is lame in announcing, but the way in which gymnastics is judged has always been a joke, and the USA girls have been jobbed this entire Olympics. This isn't about the difficulty vs the performance score, it's the way the judged manufacture performance scores to give outcomes to Chinese gymnasts. Nastia got hosed on the bars, and inconsistent performance scores (balance checks going unpunished, etc) have been the story of the gymnastics competition. I agree that homerism sucks, but this sport has a problem with the politics of judging. Its hard not to feel hard done by watching what has gone on.