Three Points - I'm in a NY state of mind.

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog June 12, 2009 at 7:50AM

Three Points - I'm in a NY state of mind.

1) Someone who has never taken a ride (that they can remember) on the New York City subway should not make a movie about a New York City Subway. That's like making a movie about the United States without ever visiting.

2) Strange article on how the survivors of the united flight that landed in the Hudson are having trouble with insurance carrier AIG. It's appalling what AIG is doing however. However when the writer starts focusing on the survivor's fighting to get their therapy to be paid for, I found myself losing sympathy. Of course as anyone who has seen Fearless knows, therapy is very important for crash survivors. Maybe it's cultural bias?

3) Tomorrow is The Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park. If you like BBQ this is a huge gift to all New Yorkers. Pit Master from around the country show up with some of their most famous meats. More info here.

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