Three Points - The NY Times Op-Ed Quote Edition

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog May 7, 2009 at 2:47AM

Three Points - The NY Times Op-Ed Quote Edition

1) Gail Collins on teen pregnancy: "If you have ever watched Levi Johnston on TV for two minutes you will appreciate how terrifying it is when he has the most reasonable analysis of a social issue."

Johnston 2012!

2) David Brooks on the state of the Republican Party: "Today, if Republicans had learned the right lessons from the Westerns, or at least John Ford Westerns, they would not be the party of untrammeled freedom and maximum individual choice. They would once again be the party of community and civic order."

Great - now Republicans everywhere are going to watch The Searchers and take the lesson that they need to start scalping teenage girls.

3) Timothy Geithner on the bank stress tests: "We brought together bank supervisors to undertake an exceptional assessment of the strength of our nation’s 19 largest banks. The object was to estimate potential future losses, and ensure that banks had enough capital to keep lending even in the face of a deeper recession."

Fifty bucks says the "bank supervisors" are the same yahoos who were in charge when we got into this mess. And oh yeah, weren't the stress tests supposed to make sure the banks were using tax payer money for the best interest of tax payers?

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