Three Points: Must Reads from August to Today

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog September 3, 2009 at 6:03AM

Three Points: Must Reads from August to Today

1) France, Germany and the UK have issued a joint letter in support of new international standards for bonus compensation. I'm interested to hear what the US has to say. Clearly, the bonus system as it stand is, to say the least, screwed up. However the problem is not with the idea of a bonus, but with what bonuses are rewarded for. Bankers (as do all professionals) deserve compensation for work well done. Now we just need to change the definition of "work well done."

2) Great Kennedy piece by Adam Clymer in the NY Times (I know I'm a week late on this, but, look, I was in LA). As someone who has always had a soft spot for Bobby Kennedy, the best moment for me was this little anecdote.

In 1965, his third year in office, he was senior to his older brother Robert, then a newly elected senator from New York, on the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. One day they sat through a hearing, waiting for senior senators to finish their questions. Like a schoolboy bored in class, Robert passed Ted a note: “Is this the way I become a good senator — sitting here and waiting my turn?” Ted scribbled, “Yes.” Then Robert asked, “How many hours do I have to sit here to be a good senator?” Ted replied, “As long as necessary, Robbie.”

3) If you missed it a few weeks back, check out Rick Perlstein's piece on right wing rage and the August town hall insanities. I agree with his main point, that this rage is not new, the media and politicians unwillingness to treat the rage as what is, extremism, is.

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