Views from the Toronto Film Festival

By jaredmoshe | Jared Moshé's Blog September 14, 2005 at 10:00AM

Views from the Toronto Film Festival

The Sutton Place
Pro - You get to rest your feet on the same couch for hours
Con - Asking every man or woman you see if he or she is Pat.
Final word - Where's the movies?

The Varsity

Pro - Films, films and more films
Con - Eating a sandwich hunkered down in a darkened theater
Final word - I have to wait in that line!?

The Four Seasons
Pro - You get to be at the four seasons
Con - You are swamped by people every time you leave the four seasons
Final word - Show me the money.

Pro - Beautiful people and more beautiful staff
Con - They import the best NYC door men for added security.
Final word - Trouble.

The Drake
Pro - The 4 AM close time
Con - The $10 cab ride
Final word - Why did Bistro 990 have to close so early?

The Corner of Bloor and Bay
Pro - Street dogs
Con - You're already running ten minutes late.
Final word - Hi ________ (insert name of one of hundred people you know walking past)

The Brass Rail
Pro - It's free
Con - It's free
Final word - You went where?