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Dali and Film at MOMA.

Photo of Eric Kohn By Eric Kohn | Eric Kohn July 3, 2008 at 6:30AM

Dali and Film at MOMA.


There are many artists whose works make me think about the meaning of life, but Salvador Dali has always been my favorite painter because he makes a convincing case for how it all makes no sense. I've had fewer experiences in life greater than perusing a Dali canvas. His strangely shaped objects and uncertain scenarios bubble with surprise and wonderment; I'm really into graphic novels, but Dali's stuff beats them all out because he creates graphic poetry. The "Dali on Film" exhibit currently on display at MOMA is the best thing I've ever seen there, mainly because it marries one of my favorite artists to my favorite art form. At Cinematical, I offer some details on the enthralling display.