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"Dark Knight"-isms.

Photo of Eric Kohn By Eric Kohn | Eric Kohn July 15, 2008 at 4:33AM

"Dark Knight"-isms.

Nope, no spoilers. Just a couple of dialogue tidbits that you didn't get from the zillions of clips spilling across cyberspace.

Spoiler alert? Not really. We're talking about a movie where the hype is practically written into the screenplay. Anyone really pumped to see The Dark Knight will -- no question about it! -- enjoy the hell out of it. And while the movie doesn't come anywhere near the subtle brilliance of, say, The Dark Knight Returns or The Long Halloween, there is a sincere effort throughout to emulate the best contemporary Batman stories by taking the environment seriously, rather than overplaying its popcorn appeal.

"The only morality in a cruel world is chance."

"In their desperation, they turned to a man they don't fully understand."
ledger joker.jpg

"This town deserves a better class of criminal."
batman beats joker.jpg

"He does that."