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Eisenberg vs. Ramirez.

by Eric Kohn
December 22, 2010 7:25 AM
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Yesterday, I dissected the results of this year's indieWIRE poll, noting its similarity to the Film Comment poll, particularly in relation to the domination of "The Social Network" and "Carlos" at the top of both lists. And now the Village Voice/L.A. Weekly poll has offered a similar outcome. Oscar season will not involve "Carlos," but this brief, fascinating contrast between Mark Zuckerberg and Carlos the Jackal provides one of the more unique ways of seeing the year's biggest themes in cinema. After the jump, an excerpt from my piece and a couple of clips.

Both “The Social Network” and “Carlos” comment on the ways we view the world today. (And both feature intense, unnerving lead performances, by Jesse Eisenberg and Edgar Ramirez, respectively.) Zuckerberg, portrayed in viciously competitive terms by Aaron Sorkin’s poll-topping screenplay, reflects a change to the classic Horatio Alger narrative, taking into account the narcissism of the online era. Assayas’s chronicle of Carlos the Jackal, meanwhile, also involves a man driven against all odds to make the world bend to his cause—a decade-spanning feat that provides an opportunity to compare the global views on terrorism before and after 9/11. In essence, they are both movies about ideas, rather than simply experiences.

Read the rest of the poll overview here.

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