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M. Dot Strange, the Sequel

Photo of Eric Kohn By Eric Kohn | Eric Kohn March 2, 2009 at 7:57AM

M. Dot Strange, the Sequel

Jason Guerrasio has some exciting news about the next project of M. Dot Strange (née Mike Belmont), the California filmmaker whose animated feature We Are the Strange famously employed a highly original crowdsourcing approach to cultivate the dedicated fan base that currently sustains Belmont's career.

Jason didn't get much out of Belmont about the content of his feature, aside from the revelation that a musician named Endika is composing the music. You can check out a video of Endika's recent live performance below.

There are more details worth deciphering here. M dot provided the visuals for Endika's set, which correspond to those at the website for the filmmaker's next movie. It's called Heartstring Marionette, and will likely become available in some form next year (not through any conventional route, you can bet that much). Check out the cryptic site for the movie here.

The haunting marionette motif at the link above corresponds to the one projected on the backdrop of Endika's set. I don't think there's anything enigmatic going on here: Belmont smartly recycled a central image from his project, gradually setting the tone for his film in a variety of media (a website, a live show) long before anyone has actually encountered the finished product.

The director has said that the new movie will employ 3D graphics (of course) and focus on a samurai, the sort of genre-inflected content one would expect from this one man army of style. One imagines it will conform to the standards of the "st8nime" canon. You can follow Belmont's original train of thought at his blog, where he has recently announced plans to identify the country of production for his new film as "The Internets." Cool.

Check out Belmont's newest short, which was shot on a camera phone: