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Neistats, Round Two.

Photo of Eric Kohn By Eric Kohn | Eric Kohn June 11, 2010 at 11:17AM

Neistats, Round Two.

In conversation with the Neistats at HBO last night.

Having found much to appreciate about HBO's "The Neistat Brothers" after attending a Rooftop Films screening last week, I was invited to moderate a conversation with its director-stars following another showcase of the first two episodes at HBO last night. I still see the show as a weird, stream-of-conciousness peek at daily life through the unique filter of the brothers' playful outlook. As storytellers, they combine a first-person, diary-like approach with deadpan humor. (Watch the clip below to see what I mean.) During the Q&A, Casey and Van promised that the season will take some dark turns in its later episodes, which will include a segment about their younger brother, a soldier headed soon to Afghanistan.

Here's "A New York Moment" from The Neistat Brothers: