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Eric Kohn

Before You Say "Fuck 'Twilight,'" Wait. Seriously, "Breaking Dawn" Is Sort of Good.

  • By Eric Kohn
  • |
  • November 17, 2011 8:34 AM
  • |
I'm not about to make any sweeping claims about the aesthetic mastery of the fourth entry in the "The Twilight Saga," clumsily subtitled "Breaking Dawn Part 1," and unquestionably conceived with the same glossy and thematically conservative mindset that made the books into a teeny bopper hit. However, those familiar with the series know that the shit really hits the fan in this one, and to see it happen temporarily clears away some of the series' more obnoxious qualities. It's right there in the plot: Vampire Edward marries human sweetheart Bella, carts her away for a luxurious Brazilian honeymoon, de-virginizes her with uber-rough horny vampire fornication, and accidentally knocks her up. (Does vampire seed pierce condoms? If so, ouch.)

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