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'The Matrix' Turns 10.

Photo of Eric Kohn By Eric Kohn | Eric Kohn March 31, 2009 at 3:53AM

'The Matrix' Turns 10.

Realizing a full decade has passed since The Matrix showed up in theaters, I was happy to contribute some thoughts on its predictions about the future of technology for Spout.

I really enjoyed rewatching the movie, which not only retains its initial charm but actually feels rather innocent and aesthetically pure — an art action film, if you will — given the current state of big budget science fiction spectacles. Of course, those movies were mostly not great ten years ago, either. The Matrix was an exception to the rule, and it remains one.

Returning to it after several years, I was struck by what a visceral experience the Wachowskis managed to assemble. It has more in common with eXistenZ than Kill Bill.

How daring is it for a movie with so many explosions and gunfire to spend a solid half hour focusing on abstract monologues before explaining just what the hell is going on? There's no doubt that the pop philosophy has been waaay overplayed, but even if the ideas are essentially simplistic ones, they hold up. So far it has pretty much predicted the technological progression of society at large. I wonder, in one hundred years' time, if The Matrix will look something like A Trip to the Moon.

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