I’m sorry to announce that the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide app is no longer available. The company that licensed the content of my book from my publisher, Penguin, was unable or unwilling to broker a new deal (and, in fact, never updated the app with reviews from our current 2014 edition). I’m very disappointed with this outcome as I’m sure many users will be. I had nothing to do with the formulation of the app and thought the designers did a great job of digitizing 1,600 pages of information and making it truly user-friendly.

When Mobile Age first acquired the rights to my book from Penguin I thought it would be a good idea to keep the app as fresh as possible by feeding them current reviews from this website every Friday—which they then transmitted to everyone who had purchased the app. I continued supplying reviews in recent months, hoping they would eventually sign a new contract with my publisher. This never came to pass, and I could no longer support an outdated version of my Movie Guide.

What happens now? Penguin and I are hoping that someone will step forward to license our database of information and opinions and create a new app for iPhones and Android devices. Keep your fingers crossed.